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Shady: Control Screen Brightness With Up/ Down Arrow Keys [Mac]

Screen brightness is something that we all adjust, but having to go through complex menus or chose from several options for achieving this, is not fun. An easier way to adjust screen brightness on a Mac is definitely needed. Brightness Slider is a Mac app that we covered last year for adjusting screen brightness from the Menu Bar. Shady is a similar Mac app that adjusts the screen brightness, but has keyboard controls. You can increase or decrease the brightness using the up and down arrow keys, and quit the app by hitting Q. These keys are functional when the app is front most.

The app adds an icon to both the Menu bar and the Dock, and you may chose to hide the icon in the Dock from the app’s preferences. When the app is active, you can use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the screen brightness. The brightness is reduced uniformly for the screen and the Dock and Menu bar fade out with the rest of the screen.

Shady preferences

To adjust the display brightness from the Menu Bar, click the app’s icon and move the knob on the slider back and forth between Dark and Light to increase or decrease the brightness. You can turn Shady off from this menu and access its preferences, as well. What would have made this app all the better, is an option to launch it at system login. The keyboard controls are, nevertheless, a useful feature.


For those who find the keyboard controls useless if you have to first use the mouse and bring the app to front, you can use Command + Tab to browse active apps and select Shady. If you choose to hide the app icon from the Dock, you will not be able to use this option or any of the other keyboard controls associated with the app.

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