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Shape Magic Adds Search, Screenshot & Hide-Windows Items To Menu Bar

We review screenshot apps very often; just yesterday we reviewed PopShot that allows you to take screenshots and export them to any app, upload them online, or just save them to a location of your choice. With the growing number of screenshot apps, developers need to find ways to differentiate their own app from the rest, and that’s why you will find evolved screenshot tools that combine two or more other features as well. Shape Magic is an app available in the Mac App Store for $2.99 that adds bundles a screenshot tool with a search bar and a ‘hide all apps’ button. These features are added as buttons in geometric shapes on the Menu Bar – a square for hiding apps, a diamond or rhombus for accessing the search bar that supports several search engines, and a circle for screenshots. For each feature, there are customization options available too; you can choose to exclude certain apps when the rest are hidden, select which search engines are supported and what order they appear in, and include or exclude the cursor and window shadow in the screenshot.

When launched for the first time, you’ll see the window shown below where you can change the order of the shapes, as they appear in the Menu Bar. From the same window, you can customize each one of the functions by visiting its respective tab.

Shape Magic

The Square shape lets you hide app windows. You can also add apps to its exclusions list that it will ignore, or just have it ignore the front-most app and minimize all the rest. App windows can be hidden and restored by clicking the square icon in the Menu Bar, or by using a key combination for it, which you can set from this section.

Shape Magic square

The Diamond shaped button gives you access to multiple search engines from the Menu Bar. You can open the search bar by clicking the button or, like with the Square shape, using a keyboard shortcut for the purpose. Here in the preferences, you can also manage the order of the search engines, and add or remove them to suit you.

Shape Magic diamond

As you type a search query in Shape Magic’s search bar, you can choose which of the search engines to search it on.

Shape Magic search

The Circle is for taking screenshots and in its tab, you can select an output location and format for your screenshots, choose if you want to hear a sound when the screenshot is captured, and select whether or not to include the cursor and the window shadow. You can also specify if the tool should capture all screens or just the main screen when working with a multiple monitor set-up. There is support for a delay timer as well, at the end of which the app will take a screenshot. Unlike the search bar and app hiding features, no keyboard shortcut can be set for taking screenshots with the app.

Shape Magic circle

From the Menu Bar icon, you can select what type of screenshot you want to take; a selective area, a window, or the entire screen. Screenshots can be saved to the folder you’ve selected in the app’s preferences, or copied to your clipboard.

Shape Magic screenshot

Shape Magic has diverse functions wrapped into a single app, and the Square and Circle functions somewhat complement each other as well. The app works well and the shapes allow for easy recognition when accessed from the Menu Bar.

Download Shape Magic For Mac

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