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Sharetastic Makes The Share Feature In Mountain Lion Omnipresent

Mountain Lion’s new features were guaranteed to give developers lots of new ideas for apps, and they’ve definitely come through with apps like iTunification, Now Playing and Hiss, to name a few right off the bat. These three apps are similar in what they do, but perform an essential function for the new OS. Sharetastic is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store and is perhaps the first of its kind. The app imitates the new share feature that has been integrated across all stock apps in Mountain Lion; it runs in the Menu Bar and supports 11 services: Aperture, iPhoto, Reading List, Email, Message, Flickr, Sina Weibo, Twitter, Tudou, Vimeo, AirDrop – that you can copy and share items to. Items are automatically added whenever you copy something to your clipboard. The app supports shortcuts not just for toggling its panel in the Menu Bar but also for quickly sharing an item to one of the services it supports.

When you launch the app, it takes you through a brief tutorial and then adds a share button to the Menu Bar. Sharetastic immediately picks up what you’ve copied to the clipboard (copied items may be text, folders or files) and lets you share them to one of the supported services. Depending on the type of item you’ve copied, the sharing options will vary accordingly.

Sharetastic Sharetastic services

Once you’ve copied an item, click the share button on the panel and options for sharing it on other services will be listed. A cog wheel at the lower right corner lets you access the app’s preferences, and also to view uploaded items.

When you select one of the share options, the app that you’ve shared to opens with the item to share added as an attachment. If you’ve chosen to upload an item, Sharetastic will inform you via the Notification Center when your upload is complete.

Sharetastic share

To enable a shortcut for one of the services Sharetastic supports, or a universal shortcut for the app itself, visit its preferences.  From the General tab, you can set a shortcut for the app and set it to start at login. The Accounts tab allows you to add shortcuts for one of the services. Sharetastic is not for enabling or adding accounts; to do that, you must visit the relevant app or System Preferences.

Sharetastic preferences

Sharetastic is an excellent rendition of a way to make use of the new Share function in Mountain Lion, and no doubt Facebook will soon be added to the list of supported services once it is enabled in Mountain Lion this fall. At $1.99, the app is a great deal.

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