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Show Apple Console Log Messages On Mac Desktop With ConsoleGrowl

Just like any other Operating System, Mac also keeps console logs to assist users in troubleshooting a wide range of errors. Mac Console lets anyone find out problems that arise during execution of an application, so they can be properly addressed. To look for a specific error message, one has to search through the log for a timestamp when problem occurs with the application in question. If you’re tired of going through log file each time to know about one particular problem, ConsoleGrowl might come helpful. It uses Growl service to show Apple console messages as notifications on the desktop in realtime.


You will see it residing in menubar after the installation. By default, it shows all types of console messages for a list of events, including, Notice, Debug, Error, Critical, info, Warning, Emergency, Alert, etc. However, if you need to configure the types of messages to be displayed, head over to Preferences. Under Log levels, select those types of messages which you intend to observe through it. From Messages, select enable showing messages either from all or current account.

It allows you to apply filters over for applications whose error logs should not be shown on the desktop. Enter the application name or regular expression using com.Apple to apply filters. By default, it shows notifications after every 2 seconds, however, refresh rate can be changed anytime to let it consume less memory.

console growl 2

After all settings are in place, click Save to view only specified Console messages.

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