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SimplePastie – Paste Selected Text From Mac To Pastie And Github Gist

Sharing source code files, text, and scripts manually through pastebin websites can become quite hectic, especially when you have to send large volume of text from software IDEs to pastebin web UI. SimplePastie is written to prevent you from taking long route to paste, save, and share your code and plain text snippets. It’s a small menu bar application which offers 3 simple hotkey combinations to copy and paste text to 2 widely used pastebin services – pastie.org and gist.github.com. SimplePastie acts as a desktop client for both services. You can replace default pastie.org service with gist to send text snippets right from your software IDE to github.

In addition to sending text snippets from desktop, it allows you to choose the type of text snippets. SimplePastie supports all formats which can be viewed in either of supported pastebin web UIs. including, INI, Java, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, C#, CSS, Fortran, HTML, ActionScripts, C/C++, Lisp and a lot more.

Once launched, SimplePastie can be accessed from system menu bar. For the first time, it will greet you with help window, showing the hotkey combinations with respective functions. To change application preferences, use Command+Shift+C, whereas to paste clipboard and paste selected text, you have to use Command+Shift+V and Command+Shift+X, respectively.

simple pastie 1

The Preferences window lets you select the pastebin service and switch between snippet types.

list 3

Once all settings are configured, use the hotkey combinations to perform the paste operation in required way. When the text sending process is finished, it will copy the shareable text snippet URL of selected pastebin service to clipboard, so you can easily share your text with others.

pastie 2

SimplePastie certainly utilizes both clipboard pasting global hotkeys in a useful way. Hopefully, developer will add support for more pastebin clients as well.

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