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Sip: Color Picker Tool That Converts To 12 Color Formats [Mac]

Last year, we covered Color Picker Pro and Gradient, both of which are eyedropper tools with slightly varying purposes. Gradient allows you to pick and combine two colors to get CSS code for the resulting gradient, while Color Picker Pro is excellent when working with two displays. Gradient has gone paid since our review, while Color Picker Pro is still free. Although a remarkable app, it converts colors to 6 formats. Sip is a free Mac app that not only has an excellent and minimalist interface, but translates color into 12 different color modes. In addition to the large number of formats, the app records all colors that you pick, lets you choose the number of items it saves, and supports keyboard shortcuts.

The app adds a small glass picker icon to the menu bar. It supports keyboard shortcuts that you can view from the app’s preferences. Click the little icon and select Pick Color from the menu bar options. Your cursor will change to a circle that magnifies the area it is moved over. A small square at the exact center of the circle lets you determine which color you are hovering over. When you like a color, click it, and Sip will capture it. A small notification from the app will appear just below the menu bar.

Sip    Sip color picked

The color code is displayed along with the color in the notification, and is also copied to your clipboard. You can paste it in just about any text input area.

You may set the app to convert the color to one of 12 formats; CSS Hex, CSS3 HSL, CSS3 RGB, Calibrated NSColor HSB, Calibrated NSColor RGB, Device NSColor CMYK, Device NSColor RGB, UICOlor HSB, UICOlor RGB, CGColor GEneric RGB and CGColor Generic CMYK. Visit the app’s preferences, and from the Color Format tab, select which formats Sip should copy the color code for. It can copy codes for all formats simultaneously, and you can switch formats from the menu bar.

Sip preferences

The app’s default shortcuts are somewhat complicated but can be modified. However, you must only use shortcuts that do not conflict with the system or any app, since Sip can be activated regardless of which app window is at the front.

Sip shortcuts

The app is extremely useful for developers, owing to the wide range of color formats it supports. The interface is excellent, and does not take up more space than it should.

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