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Site Collector: Take Periodic Screenshots Of Entire Web Pages [Mac]

The need to take screenshots isn’t just confined to your desktop. For many intents and purposes, screenshots of web pages are also required. For longer pages, this can be a challenge, since you will have to scroll several times to see the full page. There are browser extensions and add-ons built to do this, but they don’t always work for all types of sites, or ‘break’ after a while. For Mac users, there is a simple solution; Site Collector is a free Mac app that not only takes screenshots of entire webpages, but also allows you to schedule your captures by a predefined time interval. Site Collector is something of a screenshot aggregation tool for multiple websites. It allows you to enter several websites and select how frequently the app should capture a full page screenshot of each one. The screenshots are free of the browser window, although the preview is always shown in Safari.

Launch Site Collector and add a web page. For every website (even if it belongs to the same domain) that you want to take screenshots of, you will have to enter it separately. The app’s window is divided into three panels; the one on the very left shows URLs of the web pages you have added, the one in the center shows the day and date when a screenshot for the selected site was captured, and the last and largest panel lets you view the page as it would appear in Safari.

Site Collector

To add a page, click the little plus sign at the bottom of the left panel, enter the page’s URL and select the frequency of the screenshots. Click Save and you’re done.

Site Collector Add

The app will take screenshots as per the scheduled intervals. If you want to randomly take a screenshot, click the Screenshot button located on the bottom bar, or right click the web page from the left panel and select Take SnapShot. There is about a minute’s delay before a screenshot is captured. Site Collector has its own quick viewer, but you will be better off viewing the screenshot in Preview via the Open in Preview button on the bottom bar.

The trickier part is to get your hands on the actual saved screenshots. The app doesn’t create its own support folder, and the captured screens go to temporary files. You can save the file in one of two ways. The easier way is to open them in preview and export the image. If you want to save several shots like this, it will be rather tedious do, for saving all shots, you have to go digging in Temporary files, which is the long way. Go to ~/Library/Containers/com.adon.sitecollector/Data/Library/Application Support/com.adon.sitecollector/siteshots, and you will find all captured screenshots there. Needless to say, they will not be organized, and this presents one of the major downsides of the app.

The screenshots captured are all free of ads, so what you get in your screenshot is nothing less than the exact design and layout. When previewed in the app window, the links are all clickable, but open in your default browser. Needless to say, the app is likely to be used by developers and designers more than the average end user.

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