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SizeWell Brings Extra Window Resize And Zoom Options To Mac

If you’ve started using Mac just recently, you must’ve noticed that it severely lacks in application window management. Unlike Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard need an additional window management plugin or a third party application to bring window adjustment options.

SizeWell is a window adjustment application for Mac which maps a handful of window resizing and zooming options to user-specified hotkey combinations. Unlike other windows snapping applications, it takes a novel approach to adjust active windows application to make your daily work more productive. You can for instance use one of its in-built window adjustment function to keep active application always in center of screen. Likewise, other functions let you pin window to bottom right corner, keep aspect ratio of active app window constant, and keep width or height of the active window same while window is being resized.The application integrates into System Preferences. To launch the application, head over to Other section in System Preferences and click SizeWall. This will open the main configuration console, where you can associate hotkeys for both Resizing and Zooming functions.

In Resizing window, you can enable hotkeys for different window resizing options, including, keep height and width of window, and aspect ratio, keep windows in center, and pin window to bottom right corner.

For instance, if you want to enable option to keep active window always in center. Enable Hold option and then click on the modifier to activate the feature. You can enable other provided features in similar fashion. Underneath the basic file resizing options, you can enable option to show window dimensions when they are being resized.

sizewell 1

You can configure the window zooming options from Zooming window. The procedure for activating the window zoom specific options are similar to Resizing. Before activating the function, read the instructions carefully to understand the zooming function.

sizewell maximize 2

To test the activated resizing and zooming functions, click Test window to use hotkey combinations over Sizewell Test Window.

size well

The video below further demonstrates the usage.

SizeWell is arguably a nice application to enhance Mac native zooming and resizing options. Nevertheless, if you’re looking a way to snap active application workspaces, check out previously featured BetterSnapTool

SizeWell works on Mac 10.6.2 – Mac Lion, provided you have SIML plugin installed already.

Download SizeWell

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