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SmoothCursor: Set Different Speeds For Mouse & Trackpad [Mac]

Do you use both an optical mouse and a trackpad with your Mac? Both devices have separate system settings available, but the settings for a Mouse allow you to control the tracking speed, the double-click speed and the scrolling speed while those for the trackpad let you set up touch-gestures. So far as cursor speed and acceleration is concerned, they are same for both Mouse and Trackpad. SmoothCursor is a free Mac app that allows you to set separate acceleration speeds for trackpad and mouse. It has three different modes that allow you to choose how the settings will be implemented.

When you launch the app, you will be taken directly to its Preferences. The app has three different modes for you to choose from. The Disabled mode allows the mouse and trackpad cursor to use the system’s default settings. You can change the system settings using the slider. The Enabled mode allows you to set independent acceleration speeds for these devices. When this mode is enabled, it overrides the default system settings. The third mode, Enabled (Enforce) mode enforces your settings even if other apps are trying to override it.

SmoothCursor preferences

The app adds an icon to the menu bar, which can be used to conveniently switch modes, set the app to start at login, and open Preferences to change acceleration.


This app is meant for those who use multiple image editing software or play first-person shooter games. It is suitable for just about any situation that requires you to use or switch between a mouse and trackpad. Accelerations values can be both linear or inverse.

Download SmoothCursor

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