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Snip: Region Centric Screenshot Tool That Lets You Add Text & Shapes [Mac]

Screenshots tools aren’t uncommon, but with perhaps the one exception of Skitch, most of the good ones will cost you. A normally good screenshot app comes coupled with an online service, and even then, there are few that support image editing. Snip is a free Mac app that focuses on capturing a user defined region. Before the image is saved, the app allows you to add shapes like a square, rectangle, ellipse or draw free hand. There is also a text tool that allows you to enter text in any font size (font type is fixed). The app additionally copies the screenshot to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere. It runs in the Menu Bar, and can be activated using a customizable keyboard shortcut.

Snip adds a scissor icon to the menu bar. When you first run the app, the preferences open automatically, and you can modify the keyboard shortcut from there. For all subsequent launches, the app’s icon simply appears in the Menu Bar. From the app’s preferences, you can select where captured images are saved to, set the app to launch at login, enable an audio alert when an image is captured, and enable copying the image to your clipboard.

Snip preferences

To snap a screenshot with Snip, key in the shortcut, and a crosshair will appear on your screen. Drag it across the area you want to capture. A small box in the top left corner tells you the size (width and height) of the area you are selecting. Once selected, the area remains highlighted, and a bar appears along the bottom right.

Snip draw

The bar lets you add a square, rectangle, circle or arrow to your image, while the paint brush tool allows you to draw in freehand whatever you like. The color palette (which opens when you click the paintbrush) lets you choose which color to draw with. The large T button is for inserting text. If you decide you don’t want o keep the image, click the little cross on this toolbar, and the image will be discarded. Click the download button to save it to the folder you selected in preferences.

The app supports the undo function for all actions, which makes editing an image very easy. All shapes that you add can be panned around and resized. On limitations’ side, the color choice is limited to six, and there is no way of changing the font face when you type text. Overall, the app does one trick very well, and while it cannot capture the entire screen or an active window, it is nevertheless good at what it does.

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