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Sonora: Lightweight Music Player That Scrobbles To Last.fm [Mac]

iTunes is a feature rich app, an entire ecosystem for media management across all Apple devices, and it might also be capable of turning base metals to gold, but don’t tell the alchemists that! iTunes may be feature rich and all, but it is heavy as an app. It hogs some serious memory and will likely slow your Mac down even if you’re just using it to listen to songs. Sonora is a free Mac app that imports MP3s from your iTunes library, and ltes you add songs to it by dragging & dropping songs onto the app. You don’t have to go through menus, or wait for anything to sync before you can listen to a song.

The app’s interface is simple; the music player and controls are located at the top, while volume controls at the bottom left. The app lets you view popular songs, songs by artist, or newly added tracks. Songs are listed in the left panel, and the library can be viewed to the right. You can switch between the library view and the Mixes view, which is where the playlists are listed. To add a song to the app (it maintains its own library), drag & drop it where it says Drag songs here to enqueue.

sonora add song

To create a playlist, click the plus sign at the bottom right. The playlist panel will open on the right side, and you can drag & drop songs from the library to add them to the list. From the Mixes tab, you can give your playlists a name or edit them. The options will appear when you mouse over a playlist.

Sonora create playlist

The app has growl notifications for when a new song is played or a song is changed. You can enable them from the app’s preferences. Additionally, you can also scrobble songs to Last.fm, and the app can be set to sync with iTunes at startup.

Sonora preferences

The app only plays audio format files and does not support video formats. MP3s are, by far, the easiest to read for it.

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