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Sort Apps Into Folders & Turn The Mac Dock Into A Launcher [Tip]

App launchers are a pretty popular genre, and many different types of launchers are developed to cater to unique, individual needs. Both paid and free app launchers are available for those who aren’t happy with the default Launchpad, but if you really want to keep things organized (kill the procrastinator in you), you can clean up your apps, sort them and make a great app launcher all by yourself that is easily accessible from the Dock. To set the record straight, you aren’t going to create an app or anything like that. The concept to this DIY launcher is to have your apps sorted into folders, which will then be named after what the apps in them do. For example, a folder named Music will have apps that help tweak or play audio. Read on to see how you can make your own app launcher.

The problem with Launchpad and the Application stack is that you have on your Dock is that all apps you install show up there. In the Applications folder, they are sorted alphabetically, and in Launchpad, they are sorted in the order they were installed in. Although you can edit the order in Launchpad, it isn’t one of the easiest things to do, and any ‘blank areas’ are taken up when a new app is installed.

To go to the DIY way of launching apps, you will have to create a new folder anywhere on your Mac. It is best to do it some place where you can easily locate and open it. The desktop is a good place, since you might add more apps to it when you get them. Logically, you should name the folder ‘Applications’; realistically, it’s your folder and your Mac, so you can name it anything you want.

folders in dock

Inside this folder, create sub-folders for the type of apps you have. They can be image editors, file viewers, audio/video players, screenshot and screen casting tools, and more. Create as many folders as you need to keep your apps organized. Go to the actual Applications folder and select which apps should go to each sub-folder. Drag & drop these apps on to the respective folder, in effect, creating aliases of those apps. Keep going until you’ve got all your app sorted. Drag the folder on to your Dock, and choose to view it’s contents in List view and your apps are ready to be accessed.

apps in Folders

Remember that the Application folder you create must have aliases of the apps in them. If the alias is deleted by accident, nothing is lost. You will follow the same procedure to add or delete apps as you did before. This is all just a very neat cover-up kind of launcher, where a folder’s hierarchal structure is used to keep your apps in place.

[via OS X Daily]

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