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SparrowMailApp – Gmail Desktop Mail Client For Mac [Review]

SparrowMailApp is an efficacious email client for Mac which caters to nothing except your Gmail mailbox. The application is exclusively designed for those who are using Google Mail as a primary email service. Since Gmail is widely famous for numerous reasons, Sparrow is an effective attempt to bring ease in organizing your Google contacts and most importantly mail items. The application developers have kept everything simple with minimal set of mailbox-specific features. This doesn’t imply that essential tools are not provided, right from options to label mails, add multiple Gmail accounts, view threaded conservations are available whilst supporting eminent desktop notification system – Growl.

What gets it over the line is the clean & simple interface with all important features to organize mailbox present right in front of you, so you wont have to manually configure IMAP options or set it up to start the mail sync process. Moreover, the application is smart enough to synchronize all mails items as per folder hierarchy with an option to download mail items on demand for users with enormous mailbox.

After installation, it will ask you to enter Gmail account information and to begin Growl installation for showing desktop notifications. Once credentials are verified, it will start the synchronization process and begin downloading all the saved items in your mailbox folders.

sparrow mail 2

In the top, you’ll find options to delete, reply and to compose a new message while from left sidebar, you can bring up all the labeled & starred, sent items, trash box and drafts. The right-click menu comprises of some basic mail-specific options like, reply, reply all, forward, mark as spam, and so on. By default, it displays your inbox on main interface, however, clicking a small button in bottom-right corner will reveal the reading pane.

show hide new

Mail compose window is kept as simple and minimal as it can be, you have CC and BCC input pane with mail body text window with spell check support.

spa compose

Mail account management can be done from Preferences window, you can add multiple Gmail accounts, organize & add new labels for each type of mail items, toggle Growl service On/Off, etc. Users with large number of mail items can enable/disable “Download on demand” option to sync only specified mail folders and enable/disable Google ads and Google App shortcuts.

preference 2

According to the official community, IMAP supporting mail services will be added soon. You will then be able to add Yahoo! Mail in SparrowMailApp. It’s also worth mentioning here that Google Mail users must have enabled IMAP already before adding their email accounts. Advance IMAP options in Google Mail should be disabled to prevent memory leak.

The application is in beta phase, you may run on to some functionality-related hiccups. During our testing, it worked flawlessly without showing any bugs whatsoever. Testing was performed on Mac 10.6.

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  1. Looks great, is there any similar program for Windows? If not, whats the best mail client for Windows beside Thunderbird? I’d really like on with an appealing and attractive UI.

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