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Spin Music Streams Music By Genre From Radio Stations In Mac Menu Bar

Do you roam around different online radio stations to find and stream your favorite music of one specific genre? Generally, it takes a lot of time to find out one decent platform to begin with, plus, many services do not provide streaming with high quality and speed. Spin Music will change the way you stream music. It’s a menu bar app for Mac which offers a huge list of different music genres at your fingertips to quickly select and listen to your favorite type of music. You can pause the streaming and start it again with one click. It remembers the previously selected streaming source, allowing you to quickly play it upon launching the application again.

Just click the icon in the menu bar and from Channel list, select the music genre you wish to listen to. After you’ve selected the music type, you can view the current playing track info and source beneath the Channel option.

radio 1

A click on Skip will skip the track and Pause will pause the streaming. Spin Music is available in iTunes App Store. You can install it for free on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It runs on Mac 10.6.6 and later.

Install SpinMusic from App Store

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