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Split Audio Files And Remove Protection With Audio Splitter [Mac]

If you are looking for a simple tool with minimal set of options to inspect audio files and to split them by different parameters, check out Audio Splitter. It’s an application for Mac to split long audio sessions into multiple chunks while facilitating user to check the audio file attributes. It has been noticed with many audio manipulation software that meta tag information gets removed after splitting the audio file. Audio Splitter can preserve the meta info and remove protection without touching the sound quality of the track. Furthermore, if you’re planning to split multiple files at once, it can split them and create folder for each track, letting you easily search through all audio files.

With an ingeniously simple interface, you can quickly get started. First step is to specify files which you wish to split. Just drag the files over the main interface. Once files are specified, select the file and click Split on toolbar to adjust file split settings.

audio splitter 2

You need to mention in which way audio splitting process is to be carried out. You can split files by specifying number of seconds, by number of chunks, and split file by entering Intercept range in seconds. After setting up file splitting options, from Output section, choose output folder and click OK to start the process.

split 3

Once files are processed, it will add an expandable/collapsible button with original file, letting you listen the split track in its native audio player.

Download Audio Splitter

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