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Swackett Suggests What To Wear According To Weather Conditions [Mac]

Do you often wonder what to wear before leaving for your hometown, a business trip or far-flung vacation destinations? Swackett can help you pick up most appropriate clothing articles from your wardrobe. Swackett (the app name is derived from 3 types of tops of winter clothing – Sweater, Jacket, and Coat) is basically a weather application for Mac developed to tell users what outfit could be worn, according to the weather conditions of user-defined location. For instance, it may suggest you to pick ear-muffs, plaid scarf, along with your jacket to keep you from getting frostbite in extreme cold weather conditions. Likewise, in summers, it would advise to keep sun-block, shades and straw hats handy.

Apart from desktop application, it also has a web UI while application for iOS device is in pipeline. The desktop application uses its web based application API, requiring only the zip code of the city for which you want to fetch current weather condition along with weather forecast information for the next 6 days.

enter zip

On the main screen, you see current conditions, today’s forecast, along with tonight and tomorrow’s weather forecast details. In today’s forecast section, it suggests you the outfit and other appropriate accessories you can consider wearing based on its current weather information (for specified city).

swackett 2

Amongst all the features, the most interesting one is setting weather range. You can specify what temperature should be considered as hot, warm, cool, cold, and frigid. The General window in Preferences lets you specify temperature ranges, favor and unit.

general settings

The Locations window shows current cities with option to add more locations to the list. So you can easily switch between them without having to change location description, zip code, etc.

When you scroll down the main screen, you will see detailed weather forecast information for each part of day and night. The time stamped weather informational boxes let you view the predicted change in weather for throughout the day. Additionally, it shows both yours city and state radar images along with national satellite and regional radar to get an overview of weather across your specified locations.

Weather details 2

If you want to check out extreme weather conditions-specific warnings for all the locations you’ve added to the list, bring up Watches from bottom of the window. The watches feature lets you view the places you’ve added along with national map to check warnings, civil emergencies and weather statements.

watches and warning

Swackett works on Mac 10.6.6 or later.

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