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Sync Files Between Macs Through iCloud The Dropbox Or iDisk Way

iCloud is a little more than a year old, but it has a large user base. Apple first made the service available through iTunes and has, since then, slowly integrated it with OS X and iOS. In its current form, it lets you upload photos from both your mobile device and desktop. Additionally, it syncs app data, which is something neither SkyDrive in Windows 8 nor Ubuntu One in Ubuntu 12.10 do. What it doesn’t do is let you save files directly to iCloud. It still depends on apps to add files (iPhoto for images and TextEdit for text files on OS X). For some users, this means they can make limited use of their iCloud storage. iClouDrive is a free Mac app that lends greater flexibility to how you use iCloud. Once installed, the app lets you use iCloud as if it were Dropbox or Google Drive. You can add or remove files by just dragging & dropping them onto the iClouDrive folder that the app creates.

iClouDrive literally has no interface or preferences to speak of. During installation, the app tells you what it does, asks you to enable it, and informs you when it begins to sync files.


You will see its Dock icon for a minute or two, but the app will exit on its own. It adds an iClouDrive folder to your Home folder that you can drag & drop files to as if it were Dropbox. The files are then synced to iCloud. iClouDrive can be installed on multiple Macs to sync the files across all of them.

iClouDrive Folder

There is no doubting the usefulness of this app, but it is missing a few essential features. You can’t quit the app; you will have to delete it altogether, which is done by trashing the iClouDrive folder. There is also no way to pause syncing for a brief period, so if you add a large file to the folder and decide you want to sync it later when you’re out to lunch, you won’t be able to.

The app isn’t bypassing or changing the way iCloud works. In essence, you’re still using an app to add, remove or access files from iCloud. Since you don’t launch an app yourself to do so, it appears that you are saving a file directly to iCloud. This isn’t the case; files inside the iClouDrive folder sync with other iClouDrive folders only. That is, if you add pictures to it, you will not see them in your Photo Stream or in iPhoto.

Though the app isn’t exactly like Dropbox or Google Drive, it still provides a much easier way to upload any file to iCloud and sync it between your Macs.

Download iClouDrive For Mac

[via Cult of Mac]

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