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SyncDifferent Lets You Sync Files Between As Many Folders As You Want [Mac]

Just yesterday, we shared a tip on how to sync a folder between two Macs using a cloud service, Dropbox. The same method is applicable for syncing any number of folders on the same system as well, but if you prefer an app that does this for you, then SyncDifferent is what you need. We’ve covered apps similar to this one before, but most of them were restricted to syncing only two folders. With SyncDifferent, however, you can sync files between as many folders as you want. The app lets you sync data from the source to the destination folder and vice-versa, and similarly, lets you sync any new files that are added to either one of the folders.

Launch the app and drag & drop the folders you want to sync on the A Folder and B Folder boxes, respectively. Click Add Task and the folders will appear in the panel below it. Next, hit Advanced and from the panel that slides open, and select how you want to sync files between the two folders. Once you’re done, click Scan Start.


When you click Scan Start, the app quickly syncs files between the folders as per the direction you chose. Upon addition of subsequent files, a notification appears in the top left area of your screen, showing you the time, path and file name. You can leave the app running in the background, and it will continue to sync files.

SyncDifferent notification

You can stop the scan anytime you like. The app is useful if you want to sync files between network folders, and don’t want to be bothered with minding the file size. It is also useful for syncing files between removable drives as well. Once you’ve synced files, you can stop the app from scanning and eject it.

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