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SyncFF Sets Folder Modified & Created Time Stamp Based On Recent File

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free file(s) attribute changers available for Mac. That’s why many users change the file and folder modification date and time stamps manually. This may become a long winded process to go around with especially when it’s required to change hundreds of folders’  modified and created date/time stamps.

SyncFF is a free tool for Mac to change files and folders modified and created time stamps. Unlike other available tools, it doesn’t require time and date input fields to be filled by users. First it finds the file, in specified folder, having most recent modification time, and then replaces other files’ modification time stamps with most recently modified file’s date and time stamp. This streamlines the date and time stamps across all the files contained in a folder.

The application replaces time stamps recursively. You can also include sub-folders in the process to change their modification / creation time stamp as well. SyncFF also acts as a service. You can invoke SyncFF function as a service after selecting its service from folder’s right click menu. Once you’ve specified the service, you can assign a hotkey combination for its service from Services Preferences to invoke it by just using the hotkey combination.

The application usage is simple. Just drag the folders whose date and time stamps are to be updated with most recent modified file’s time stamp over the main interface. It takes some time which depends upon the number of files contained in the folder.

syncff main

Once process is finished, it shows time stamp of most recently modified files. By default, it doesn’t include folder and sub-folders, however, you can disable Ignore Folders option from Preferences to include folders and sub-folders as well.

syncff prefe

From the File menu, you can view log file in console. The log shows details for each function it performed while changing folder modification and creation time.

syncff log

To run it as a service, hold Control key and click on folder to select Sync Folders Dates To Last Modified File service, to quickly change the time stamps of all the contained files and folders. SyncFF works on Mac 10.6.6

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