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SyncMate Syncs Mac With Google Account, Nokia S40, Win Mobile (We Have 5 Expert Licenses)

Suppose you are using a Nokia S40 Mobile or Windows Mobile 6 and plan to switch to Mac, how would you sync contacts, sync calendars, and backup your data? Or suppose another situation where you need to sync your Mac with Google Accounts(both ways), how would you do it? By default most software(including iSync) don’t allow two way syncing, this is what makes SyncMate special.

It is a great tool that allows syncing of all your information between multiple devices and Google accounts quickly. What makes it worth is that you can also sync data between two Macs, which will come useful in two situations, when you have multiple Macs(desktop Mac and Macbook) and when you want to move to another Mac computer.

All you have to do is to add devices/accounts you’re about to sync – just click "Add connection" button and establish connection between Mac and devices or accounts (Mac<=> Nokia via Bluetooth, Mac <=> Win Mobile vie USB or Wi-Fi, Mac <=> Mac via LAN and Mac <=> Google, Online Storaghe via Internet). You’ll see device/account icon in devices list as only it is connected. Just click the desired tab, select the desired synchronization from the left sidebar, enter your basic settings, and you are done.

Online Backup

syncmate online backup

Mac-to-Mac Syncing

syncmate mac to mac sync

Mac-Google Account Syncing

syncmate google accounts sync

Mac-Windows Mobile 6 Syncing

syncmate windows mobile

Mac-Nokia S40 Syncing

syncmate nokia sync

Note: Make sure Firewall is disabled or this program is allowed access, otherwise it won’t work.

There are two versions available, Free and Expert. The free edition includes some basic functionality, such as, syncing of Contacts and iCal between Macs and supported devices/Google account, and it also contains SMS Reader plugin that allows you to read SMS on your Mac. You get 50MB of online backup storage.

The expert edition contains all the basic functionality of the Free edition and in addition contains iPhoto, iTunes, Folders, Bookmarks (both Firefox and Safari ones), Mail Notes, Entourage Notes, Mail, ToDo’s, Stickies and Time synchronization. And tons of more additional plugins. You get 200MB online backup storage. To see full comparison, go here.

The good news for our readers is that we are giving away 5 expert edition licenses for free. Each license cost $40, so save some bucks by participating in this giveaway. Just leave a comment explaining why you want it and which feature you are looking forward to the most. Don’t forget to leave your email since it will be used to contact you in case you win.

You should give the free version a try before making up your mind about the expert edition. 😉

Download SyncMate


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  • Robert in SF

    Oh I would love to get the Pro version. I have completely screwed up my Google contacts, etc., trying to figure out how to sync them with the built in apps and supposed built in sync. It’s a mess! And now that I have been laid off and started consulting, my contacts/schedule is the most important thing to get set up properly and “Robert-proof” the syncing!

  • Adrian

    I’d like to get a license for a macmini i’ve setup for my parents. I’m making their life easier by using good apps for typical purposes. Being able to sync their phones , iphoto, etc all from the same syncing point seems great.

  • The contest has officially closed. The winners will receive the license in the email.