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Syrinx: Twitter Client With Keyboard Shortcuts & Tweet Filters [Mac]

Just a couple of days ago, we covered Itsy, a simple Twitter client with a clean interface and growl notification support. Syrinx is a Twitter client for Mac that doesn’t have as great an interface as Itsy, but supports keyboard shortcuts and allows you to filter out tweets that contain a particular word. The app lets you edit tweets before retweeting them, show the number of unread tweets on the Dock icon, bookmark new tweets, favorite them, send and view messages, change the text, row and background color and enable Growl notifications for new tweets. You can choose to either bookmark or open a new tweet when you click its Growl notification.

Unlike Itsy, Syrinx continuously checks for new tweets, and you can force it to check by clicking the Refresh button or stop it from checking for new tweets by clicking the Pause button. To bookmark the newest tweets from a user (so that it is easier to spot them), click the Bookmark Newest button. To view people you are following and to add or remove them, click Friends and enter a Twitter handle.


When you click on a tweet and select it, small buttons appear at the bottom right that let you bookmark, favorite or reply to a tweet. You can also DM the tweeter. Unfortunately, there is no retweet button, and you will have to use the Shift + Command + T shortcut to retweet the selected tweet. For a complete list of shortcuts, click the Tweets menu. To enable editing a tweet before you retweet it, go to the app’s preferences and check the Enable editable retweets option in the Application tab.

Syrinx preferences

From the Appearance tab, select colors for the font, row and background. From the Growl tab, enable Growl notifications and select whether a new tweet will be bookmarked or opened when you click on the notification. You can also set the app to perform no action when the Growl alert is clicked. From the Filter tab, you can add rules to filter out tweets. The filters are text filters and can be applied to searches as well. To prevent all tweets from a particular user containing a specific word, enter the user’s twitter handle followed by the word you want to filter for.

Syrinx Filter

The app interface isn’t as appealing as you would expect, but for a Twitter client, it isn’t bad and not all features it supports are available in most free apps, most noteworthy of which is editing a tweet before retweeting it.

Download Syrinx For Mac

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