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Tagit: Easily Add Tags To Files/Folders, Search Exclusively By Tags [Mac]

Keeping files organized isn’t easy, especially if you’re a chronic procrastinator. OS X, however, has quite a few ways of making sure that you don’t lose your data. On that note, Spotlight comments and file tags help keep files more organized. Tools like Tag Folders (full review here) are just one of many that help you manage files via tags, and Tagit is yet another free app for Mac that helps you add tags to files and search exclusively by them. It is handy when you want to forgo the other filters that Spotlight uses when searching for a file, and focus only on the tags that you’ve used.

To add a tag, you need to open a file in Tagit via the Open with option. The app lets you add tags and rate the file as well. Ratings come in handy when searching for files via the app. While files can be opened via the Open with option, folders cannot, so, to use Tagit on folders, drag & drop the folder on to the app’s icon in the Dock (works with files as well). You can add as many as you like and even see which tags have recently been used. As you enter a tag, the app looks for matches and lets you enter them easier (think of it as auto-complete for tags). Files can be rated using the stars just below the file name.


Close the window once you’ve added the tags. To search files via tags, launch the app and enter a tag. Recently used tags are listed below the search bar for your convenience. Enter one or several tags and hit Search, and all files with the relevant tags will be shown in a Finder window. Results may be filtered on basis of assigned ratings, too.

Tagit search

The app’s interface is simple and the only downside is that it doesn’t let you add tags to several files at once. Tags added to a folder are added to that folder only, and not to the files within it.

Download Tagit For Mac

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