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Task Till Dawn – Schedule Launch Of Apps, Files And Scripts In Mac

Do you launch a certain set of applications with 3-4 important files everyday on your Mac and want to change this habit of manually launching applications and files from different locations? Task Till Dawn provides one of the best ways to do it. Task Till Dawn is basically an application launch scheduler which provides a dozen of options to schedule the applications, files and scripts run, at defined intervals. With this application, you no longer need to find required applications from Application folder or search through Finder windows to open specific files, just schedule their launch and it will automate the rest of steps that you’d have taken to launch application, run scripts, or to open files the default way.

There is apparently no limit on number of schedule runs that can be queued. So you can list as many files, applications, and scripts as you want. Scheduling tasks is easy. On the main interface, select New Task followed by enter the name and description of the task. Once entered, select the task; file, application, or script run, and move to Execution tab.

In Execution tab, you can let it run specified file/app after every defined amount of time, execute task at defined time of day, associate it with other application launch or just list it down on main interface to launch it manually.

add task

The advance schedule settings can be accessed from Extended Settings tab. This tab allows you to append time delay in application launch, specify days of week when tasks are to be executed, and set maximum executions of application and post launch actions – delete task or disable task.

schdule task

When you’re done with configuring application run schedule settings, click OK to queue it in main list. Similarly, you can add other application or script runs in the list. On the toolbar, you have options to add new task, edit selected tasks, and importantly to manually run the scheduled application, file, or script.

Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn supports Growl notifications which can be enabled from Preferences window. In Preferences window, you can also send it to menu bar to quickly access scheduled application list, run scheduled applications, files, and scripts.


Task Till Dawn is a java-based application and requires latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version to run.

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