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TaskBadges: Use A Simple Text Editor As A To-Do List Manager [Mac]

If you’re the somewhat traditional type of person when it comes to creating to-do lists, i.e., you will sooner jot something down on paper than take the time to type it out and set a date and pick a sound alert for it, then to-do apps might not be doing you justice. For those that have transitioned one step beyond scribbling on paper, but will nevertheless just open a text editor, save it with a random file name (perhaps the default one) and type in a list of tasks, you need TaskBadges. It is a free Mac app that uses a very simple syntax to record tasks. Tasks are recorded in a text editor and the file is then added to this app. Using the syntax, the app detects how many tasks you’ve added and lists them as a notification on the file itself.

If the thought of using a syntax makes you want to run, you might want to hold up on that thought long enough to read what the syntax actually is. It is nothing more than two square brackets separated by a space or by an X. Each task starts on a new line and is preceded either by [ ] or [x] (square brackets included). After that, you only have to type in the task, which can be as long or as short as you like it to be. Save the file and then drag & drop it on to the app window.


A sample task will be entered like this:

– [ ] Milk the cow for all it’s worth, and make burgers out of it later

When you drop a file onto the app’s window, it asks you which rule you want to follow for identifying current tasks. I suggest option B, but you can go with A if you feel it suits you better.

TaskBadges style

After choosing a style, you are all done. Watch as the text file that you added is superimposed with the a red badge highlighting the number of tasks you have. Marking a task is simple, you need only edit the text file and the app will update itself. In the event that you’ve forgotten where you’ve saved a file, you can open it from the menu bar. Click the app’s icon and select the file you want to open.

TaskBadges   icon

For the simplest way to create a to-do list and not be annoyed with constant ringing, screaming, meowing, barking or mooing reminders, this app offers the simplest solution to it. To quit the app, select Show TaskBadges Window from the menu bar icon. You will see a huge On/Off button on the right. Click it to turn it off and click the Quit option at the bottom to exit the app. Exiting the app will remove the notification tags from all files. It will, however, remember the files you added, and when launched and turned on again, will add task badges to each of them.

It must be noted that the application is somewhat ad-supported, as it displays an advertisement for KiteStack on the main interface. However, since you won’t be dealing much with the interface itself, that shouldn’t set most people off.

(Editor’s Note: The badges on files seem to borrow from iOS app icon badges concept, and apparently, have been put to good use in a Mac)

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