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TextBom: Record Text Snippets To Your Clipboard For Later Use [Mac]

Clipboards are a small, yet frequently used, feature, and it is hard to imagine computers, or even cellphones, without them. While the simple copy/paste functions are enough for most people, many would prefer to make more use of the clipboard, and pasting the most recently copied text just won’t work in such a case. It is here that Clipboard managers come in. TextBom is a clipboard manager for Mac, similar to Clipboard History and rePasta. It allows you to copy as many text snippets as you want for pasting later, but differs from the other two in that it allows you to easily start and stop recording to the clipboard, and change the order of the snippets.

To start recording snippets, click the app icon in the system menu bar and select Start Recording. All text that you select and copy via the right-click menu or the Command + C hotkey gets recorded by the app. For the first nine snippets, you can paste them using the hotkeys Command + 1 – 9.


When you want to stop copying text to the app’s clipboard, select it from the menu bar and click Stop Recording. Being able to turn snippet recording on or off means you don’t end up sending any irrelevant text to your clipboard.

TextBom  Recording

To manually add a snippet, go to the app’s preferences, click the plus sign, and paste text in the input box that opens. Click the minus sign to remove a snippet, and use the arrow buttons to change the order of a snippet. To edit a snippet, select it, and edit the text in the right panel. To paste text, select it from the dropdown on the menu bar, and paste it wherever you like.

TextBom  Title

Although there are many clipboard mangers, the fact that they continue to run unless you quit them means that you end up saving text you didn’t need to. TextBom will ensure your clipbaord is recording snippets only when you need it to.

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