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Timing lite: Track Usage Of Multiple Apps & Check Productivity [Mac]

You’ve probably come across a million apps that force you to be productive, by either locking down all entertainment on your system, or forbidding you from opening sites like Facebook and Reddit, Facebook and Youtube, Facebook and icanhascheesebuger.com and, of course, just Facebook itself. The point is, most apps focus primarily on blocking Facebook, and some will occasionally block one or two other sites. If you’re already thinking of ways to get around such apps when you install them, then you are probably better off without one. As opposed to these negative reinforcement apps, you can go for Timing lite, a positive reinforcement app that presents you with a true picture of how you are spending your time on your Mac. The app details and classifies how you’ve spent your time, and even allows you to classify the use of certain apps as productive or unproductive.

The app has classification for communication, development, file management, games, media, office, reading, web browsing and blacklist tasks. It automatically detects which apps you’ve installed, and classifies them as best as it can. To change the apps that have been added to a category, select it and drag & drop an app on to the category. To remove an app, select the category and click the cog wheel button at the bottom, select an app listed under Applications in this project and click the minus sign. As you use the respective apps, the activity shows up in the relevant category. To add a new category, click the plus sign at the bottom of the left panel. The time spent using a particular app is shown either as a timeline or in project view on the graph and is also listed. Since this is the lite version, you can view logs for the current and the previous day only. The pro version lets you view your activity from any time period.

Timing lite

The app window can be closed so long as it is still running in the menu bar and tracking your activity. The app uses AppleScript to track your app usage, and in the event that you find it interferes with the proper working of an app, you can disable it from the troubleshoot tab in the app’s preferences.

Timing lite prferences

To  enable the app to start at login, go to the General tab in preferences and check the Launch automatically at login option. To stop the app from tracking your activity if you’ve been idle for a while, check the Suspend tracking after being idle for at least and select a time in seconds.

Timing lite general preferences

Remember that this app isn’t for the weak of will. You can view how you spend your time and choose to fix it, or you can continue to browse cat videos and gifs. Additionally, the app might even be used to monitor how your kids are spending time on a computer when they say they are ‘studying’. The full version of the app is available for $5.99 in the Mac App Store.

Get Timing lite Free Time Tracker From Mac App Store

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