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TOAU: Convert Text To Audio & Export It Sans Terminal Command [Mac]

Mac has the built in capability to convert a text file to speech format, and read it out loud, but it isn’t something that can be done in one click or less. You have to open Terminal and input the correct command. TOAU is a text to audio converter that makes this whole process simpler and Terminal-free, by automatically sending the same command you would use manually to read a text file out loud. Additionally, it lets you export the file in audio format.

Once installed, you can paste text for conversion to speech in the app’s interface, or you can import a text file from the File menu. Paste text and click the play button to start speech.


To import a file, go to File and select Import Text. The app will import the content of any text file and read it out loud.

TOAU import

To export the audio file, click the button with the outward-pointing arrow next to the Stop button. Enter a file name, select the destination of the file and click Export Audio.

TOAU export

The app doesn’t perform any sort of complex functions on text, and in essence, only makes easier to use an existing feature in Mac. It runs the cat sample.txt | say -o sample.aiff command in Terminal on back end, and that’s pretty much about it. Nevertheless, skipping a manual command is always helpful, or so we believe, at least.

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