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Todoist: A Simple Project & Task Organizer For Your Desktop [Mac]

It’s never too late to get organized; unless your cat has taken to sleeping in the pile of papers on your desk, you can pretty much start organizing your life right now. Todoist is a free Mac app that lets you organize tasks and group them by projects. The app uses an online service, which you will have to create a free account for. The interface is super simple and lets you add as many projects and tasks as you like. A free account will let you create projects, add tasks, define a due date for those tasks, reorder tasks, delete completed tasks, prioritize them, move them to another project, and view projects by their due dates.

When you first launch the app, you will be asked to sign in with your Todoist account or create one. An account can be created without leaving the app. To start adding projects, click the Add Project at the left, enter a project name and click the Add Project button that appears when you start typing in a name. Projects are listed at the left, and their priority is set by default based on the due date of  tasks added to them. To apply a color label to a project, click the cog wheel next to its name and select a color. You can additionally edit, delete or reorder it.

Todoist add project

Select a project from the left and click Add Task on the right. Enter an a name for the task and a due date. Tasks can be edited at any time by clicking the cog wheel next to to them, and editing the name or the due date. Click Reorder just below the tasks list to reorder them. Drag & drop tasks one over the other to change the order.

Todoist tasks

Check a task to mark it as complete and click Delete Completed to delete all completed tasks. A pro account with Todoist will allow you to view tasks in iCalendar, and set reminders. If your tasks are simple and you don’t need a feature rich app, Todoist is a great free option. The app is also available for Outlook on Windows, and for iPhone and Android.

Download Todoist For Mac


  1. I hate to say it, but this is not an app.  

    This is a browser based online only service.

    If this was really an app for my desktop I would be thrilled.

    • OK, my mistake, there is a desktop version, just had to look for it.  My bad.

      The desktop client looks like exactly what I want.  🙂

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