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TopHat App Menu: Access Favorite Apps From System Menu Bar [Mac]

Dock is the precious space that you reserve for your frequently-used apps, but it’s also where minimized windows go until you revisit them. Imagine having one too many apps or folders on the Dock, and trying to find the one you need. While Launchpad might make it easier for you, you can give TopHat App Menu Lite a try. This Mac app adds a window to your desktop that lists all, frequently-used, recently-used and favorite apps (that you add yourself) for quick access.

The app window is divided into two halves, with the top half listing all the favorite apps you add. To add an app as a favorite, drag & drop it from the Applications folder onto the app’s Favorites section. The second half of the app window is split into two tabs; Most Used and Recent. The Most Used tab lists the apps that you’ve opened recently, and you can set the time limit for TopHat to judge which apps will appear in this tab, e.g., if an app has been used in the past one hour, it will appear in this tab. The Recent tab lets you specify by number how many recently used apps should appear in the tab.


If you find using the app from its window inconvenient, you can access it from the System Menu Bar, where all the tabs in the app window appear as a dropdown. You can as easily launch apps from here as you can from the window, since they are just one click away.

TopHat menu bar

By default, the app lists famous native Mac apps like Address Book, App Store, FaceTime & iChat in recent and most used apps, but will reorganize and populate itself as per your usage. This is the app’s lite version, and the paid version of the app costs $2.99, and includes a menu listing all apps in the Applications folder in the app window.

Get  TopHat App Menu Lite From Mac App Store

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