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Tweak iTunes And QuickTime Player X Using Preference Pane [Mac]

QuickTime Player X & iTunes Preference Pane is a free tweaking utility developed for Mac OS X 10.6 only. It allows users to tweak both QuickTime X and iTunes from a single interface.

QuickTime X and iTunes

The following options are given for QuickTime Player X:

  • Rounded Corners
  • Allow Simultaneous Recordings (iSight)
  • Autoplay Movies
  • Show Closed Captioning & Subtitles by default
  • Exit Fullscreen Mode on Application Switch
  • Number of Recent Documents menu (5, 10, 15, and disabled)
  • Titlebar and Controller (fade time, always hide/show)

and the following options are given for iTunes:

  • Show/Hide iTunes store links
  • Show/Hide the iTunes Library playlist
  • Allow half-star ratings for iTunes content
  • Invert store links to point back to your own library (great for searching by artist)
  • Play songs while importing from a CD
  • Load entire 30 second preview from iTunes store before playing

Download QuickTime X & iTunes Preference Pane

There are three separate tools given, QuickTime Preference Pane, iTunes Preference Pane, and QuickTime & iTunes Preference Pane. I would recommend getting the 3rd one since it has options to tweak both QuickTime X and iTunes.

It is developed solely for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and is not compatible with older versions. Enjoy!

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