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Twitter For Mac Updated With Retina Support & Easier Photo Sharing

Twitter has been integrated in Mountain Lion much like was in iOS 5 allowing you to tweet from just about any where. It does lack a universal hotkey that lets you open the compose tweet box, but you can easily add that with Quick Tweet. Even though Twitter has been integrated throughout the OS, this does not render Twitter clients obsolete as the timeline itself is not part of the integration, and thus, we continue to see Twitter clients evolve, even if slowly. The latest to upgrade its feature-set is none other than Twitter’s official Mac client. The update includes the long-awaited support for Retina displays, additional languages, and a new button that allows you to share photos directly from the New Tweet box.

The new button will give users even on Mountain Lion a reason to return to the app since the compose tweet box that opens from the Notification Center does not allow you to attach an image to your tweet; only your current location. It is arguable that images can be tweeted from the Preview app, but that is an entirely different way to tweet altogether.

twitter mac

For users who haven’t upgraded to Mountain Lion, the addition will be welcome since the old way to tweet an image was far less obvious. Users would have to drag & drop an image onto the New Tweet box to attach it. The drag & drop functionality has been retained, so if you’ve grown accustomed to tweeting images like this, you can carry on doing so.

Images are previewed below the tweet text and can be removed by clicking the ‘X’ button that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over it. Besides this obvious change, the app now supports fourteen more languages as well as Retina displays, which means it should now look much sharper on your new Macbook Pro.

Twitter for Mac has been much less active and is still behind in features compared to third-party alternatives like Tweetbot, and even Twitter’s own TweetDeck. Following the current update, however, word around the web is that the company plans to increase its efforts to better the app, which might mean a decrease in the interval between successive future updates.

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