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AppTrap Uninstalls Application By Removing All Associated Files [Mac]

Installing an application in Mac is very simple. All You got to do is just drag it to the applications folder. Getting rid of a Mac application is equally simple. You drag the application out of your applications folder and move it to the Trash.

The problem with the Mac way of deleting applications however is that deleting them via the trash doesn’t actually get rid of everything. Basically, when you drop an application on Trash folder, it removes almost every thinkable part of it but not everything. There are many types of applications on your system which store information like profiles, preferences, and so on.

In order to make sure everything attached with a program is gone, give AppTrap a shot.


AppTrap is a completely free utility for uninstalling applications on Mac OS X. Once run, it runs silently in the background and displays a pop-up window whenever you drag an application to the trash, and asks whether you want to delete the associated system files as well or not.


Users can choose which associated files to delete and which not, before clicking Move files. There is an option to run the app on startup, which isn’t a big problem since it doesn’t become active unless an application is not thrown in the trash.

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