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Urly – Pin Web Links In Mac Dock To Stack Them Like Windows 7 JumpList

It becomes quite wearisome to find certain minimized browser windows from an already overcrowded dock. Since each minimized window in dock looks quite similar, one cannot easily identify required window from a long dock overwhelmed with apps and minimized browser windows. Urly offers a simple solution by using Mac native web browser – Safari. It allows you to pin frequently visited websites in dock, sort of similar to Windows 7 jump list. Users can drop as many websites as they want over it, so they can be quickly accessed. A right-click on its icon will reveal all pinned web links (just like Windows 7 jumplist). This means that you don’t have to use Safari each time to view pinned websites. Just select the link from the list and  it will open in your default web browser.

Usage is extremely simple. First, you need to open all websites which you frequently visit. Now drag the favicon present alongside the address bar over the small Urly bookmark window present at extreme left side of the screen. You can insert favicons of other opened websites in similar fashion.

move favicon

Right-click Urly dock icon to access the websites. It will open the selected website in your default browser, which in most case is Safari.

urly 1

Urly provides a simple way to unclutter dock from multiple minimized browser windows. It works on Mac 10.6.4 – 10.6.6

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