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Use Saved Text Snippets Quickly With Snippets Lite [Mac]

Writing same text in emails, text documents, notes, and in rough drafts is, unarguably, a tedious task and many users prefer to copy the saved text and paste it in the required workspace. In any company, it is often required to send more or less some set of information to clients for answering their queries and debriefing on different product and service related issues. If you’re looking for a tool which can assist you in typing monotonous and long intros, ending statements, pricing queries and their answers, tariffs, and so on, try out Snippets Lite.

It is a free tool for Mac which allows you to save snippets in rich text format, so they can be used anywhere you want. Snippets Lite lets you assign text shortcut keys to quickly paste the specific snippet into active workspace. This could come handy in many situations. You can for instance save all the introductions, salutation types, endings, etc of business letters, list down important help desk numbers, answers of commonly asked questions, and short programming language code modules, so that you can quickly paste them by only writing the shortcut text in active workspace.

Moreover, it allows you to create an ignore list to specify all those application where shortcuts text should not work. This enables youto avoid any sort of conflicts which may arise while using the shortcuts combinations in future. The app usage is easy. Once downloaded, launch the application and click Add Snippet button. Now enter shortcut key (not less than 3 characters), snippet name, and snippet content which you wish to use in future.

snippets lite 1

Before creating a new snippet, do check out Placeholder list. It contains a lot of variables that may come useful in quickly inserting the current date and time, month and year in different formats. Once all the rich text snippets are created, close its window to use them in any required application.


You can enable or disable snippet pasting functionality from the menu bar menu. On entering the shortcut text, it will immediately enter the respective rich text snippet, as shown in screenshot below.

paste snippet 1

Snippets Lite is a stripped down version of Snippets, which costs $7.99 and has a lot more text snippet using features. It works on Mac 10.6.6

Get Snippets Lite from App Store

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