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VideoSpec Extracts Media File Info, Checks Compatibility With iDevices

We all come across situations where we need to check whether the video file will run without any issues on our iDevice or not. In such situations, we, usually, pick a converter to change the video format in order to make it compatible with our iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We also have a handful of videos lying around which lags on installed media players due to some inexplicable reasons. To deal with these kind of issues, VideoSpec offers a simple solution. It checks a video file compatibility with range of iDevices while telling you which media player(s) should be used to watch the video in question. It is somewhat quite similar to previously covered MediaInfo for Windows in terms of analyzing media file to extract audio and video specific information. Additionally, it has an ability to invoke default media player to watch the video on the fly while letting you evaluate the extracted information. It analyzes the selected media file to give users a detailed insight about encoding profile, resolution, audio channel, audio format, video aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, FPS, bitrate, container and so on.

To begin, launch the application and click Select to specify media file for extracting audio and video information. After it is done analyzing the media file, it will start listing down information into 4 different categories which are, General, Video, Audio, and Miscellaneous. Under General section, it shows basic information of container, bitrate, duration, total file size, etc. Video and Audio sections refers to all the video and audio information, such as, Format, FPS, Pixel & Display Aspect Ratio, Interlacing and Audio format, Bitrate, Frequency, and Channels respectively. Information on subtitles, Genre, Encoding date are shown in Miscellaneous section.


The Settings window opens up at the left side whereas Bitrate Pro appears at the right side of the window. The Settings window provides very useful information regarding media file compatibility with iDevices, and QuickTime Player while showing alternate media players which can render it.


To play the file with associated media player, click Play button on the main toolbar. You can export the generated report of media file by clicking Report button. Compared with Windows counterpart – MediaInfo, it seems more powerful and feature-rich, as it can let users know which media player and iDevices are compatible with the media file.

Download VideoSpec


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