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Vienna: RSS Feed Reader With Integrated Browser & Social Sharing [Mac]

RSS feed readers aren’t confined to just working in your web browser, and if you look at the feed reading apps available for Mac, you will find a lot of creative ways to follow a single or multiple RSS feeds. Vienna is a free RSS feed reader for Mac that imports feeds from your Google account, has a built in web browser (does not support Flash) and allows you to share items you find interesting on Buffer, Twitter, Evernote, Delicious and Facebook from within the app. Vienna is simple; there aren’t a whole lot of features, but as far as RSS readers go, it works well and allows you to customize the appearance of text. Articles can be sorted by date, author or title. The built-in browser supports tabs and the app’s search feature supports Google Images, Twitter, Wikipedia and Google in addition to allowing you to search a single or all feeds.

Vienna comes packed with a few pre-added feeds that you can remove. New feeds can be added via add (cross) button at the top, and you can associate your Google account from the preferences. When you click a feed, the title for each unread item is listed. Clicking an item opens it in a new tab. If you compare the app with Google Reader that allows you to open an item within the feed, this approach makes it easier to skim through titles and open the items that appear interesting.


Buttons for refreshing feeds, sharing an item on Buffer, Facebook and Twitter, and marking all items as read are located on the top bar. To add your Google Account or change the font the feeds appear in, go the app’s preferences. You can set how often Vienna should check for new items, set it as the default RSS reader, and select fonts and font size for the feed.

Oddly, the app has a feature to download enclosures with an RSS feed which does nothing. Even though it does not support Growl or Notification Center alerts, it has the option to bounce the app’s Dock icon whenever a new item is received. The dock icon shows the total number of unread items (maximum 250 unread items) in your feed. Like Google Reader, you can add folders to organize your feed and, when imported from your Google Account, the feeds are kept organized into the same folders you used in Google Reader. The app does seem to have some trouble loading favicons.There is also a beta of the next version available, but it isn’t stable and does not appear to load feeds.

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