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View & Access “Notifications for Facebook” From The Menu Bar [Mac]

We’ve covered several Facebook clients for Mac in the past, like Facebox and Social Lite, both of which are feature rich and let you interact with your account. Both apps effectively let you keep up with what’s happening on Facebook without having to open a browser window. While these apps let you stay in touch with what’s happening in your virtual life, it is somewhat counter productive. The fact that you have easy to access Facebook means you will be even less tempted to work. Notifications for Facebook is a free Mac app that lets you balance it out. The app, as the name states, lets you view your Facebook notifications only in menu bar. It regularly checks for new notifications and opens them in your browser when you click on one. The app lets you enter a shortcut of your choice that will toggle the notification window.

To start using the app, sign in by clicking the app icon in the menu bar and allow the app to access your information.

Notifications for Facebook

It might take a while to sign in, but the app will load notifications immediately once it has. Whenever the app receives new notifications, it turns blue. Clicking on a notification will open it in your browser and lets you view the item (provided you are signed in to your Facebook account in your browser). Unread notifications are marked with a small blue dot and disappear after they have been viewed. As per the permissions you grant to the app, all notifications that you read via this app are marked as read and do not appear when you sign in to your account. The slight shortcoming of this app is that you will see an ad at the very bottom of the notification window.

Notifications for Facebook alerts

To set a shortcut that will toggle the notification window, click the cog wheel button next to your profile picture and go to the app’s preferences. Type in whatever shortcut you want to set for the app and make sure it doesn’t conflict with any other app. You cannot set shortcuts like Command + C.

Notifications for Facebook preferences

To revoke the app’s access to your account at any time, you will need to visit your Account Settings. The app remains signed in unless you sign it out. That means anyone with access to your Mac can view your notifications; however, they cannot access your profile unless you’re signed in in your browser.

Get Notifications for Facebook From Mac App Store

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