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TunesTEXT: View & Edit Lyrics Of iTunes Tracks And Embed Them Into Songs [Mac]

At AddictiveTips, we all love the desktop widgets for iTunes that let us play/pause tracks and navigate through the iTunes Movies and Music library without having to bring up the main interface. Earlier, we’ve featured some applications that provide an on-screen controller for iTunes myTunesConrol, Skip Tunes, You Control, Bowtie, just to name a few. This time around we have a feature-rich dashboard widget for iTunes called TunesTEXT, which has been designed to not only control iTunes, but also show and embed lyrics of the songs you play from Music library. In contrast to previously featured app that only displays the lyrics of the songs, this widget also embeds the lyrics into tracks’ metadata, so that you can read the lyrics of the songs on your iPod. Additionally, it lets you change the font size and set lyrics text-related settings according to your preferences. Details to follow after the jump.

The application also downloads album art cover for your music albums in Music library, and you have the option to show/hide album art cover on main window. As far as online lyrics sources are concerned, it fetches lyrics of songs from widely celebrated Metrolyrics and Sing365 websites, and provides you with an option to edit and correct the lyrics of any selected song.

On Mac OS X Lion, it sends the desktop widget to Dashboard, letting you adjust its position on the screen. Before you launch the widget, make sure that you’re connected to internet, as it starts searching the songs lyrics as soon as you play a track from iTunes, and then displays it on main window.

The main interface contains playlist navigation controls and option to show/hide album art cover. The widget doesn’t have the ability to auto-scroll the lyrics window as song progresses, so you have to manually scroll down the page to read the lyrics of the currently playing song.

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 10.14.06 AM

Clicking the small info icon present at bottom left corner opens the Preferences window. It lets you enable/disable embed lyrics in iTunes and auto window resize options. You can switch between interface styles and set lyrics text size. Under Database section, it allows you to select/deselect online lyrics database and view open their websites in default browser.

lyrics 1

As mentioned earlier, you can edit the song lyrics in its built-in editor. Apart from this, it lets you change artist and track title meta data to search the song from supported online lyrics databases. Clicking Search reveals the search results. All you need is to select the correct lyrics and hit Done. It will first ask you to replace the current lyrics of the songs with the selected lyrics, and then embed it into the song.

edit and search

TunesTEXT is quite a powerful iTunes controller with option to edit and embed lyrics into songs‘ meta data. Even though it doesn’t automatically scroll the lyrics page, it provides a handy scroll bar to let you easily read the entire lyrics of the song. It works on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and higher.

Download TunesTEXT

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