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View iCloud, Google Or Yahoo Calendar Events On OS X Desktop With ICEfree

One of our top Mac apps from last year was Mindfu – a $1.99 productivity app that puts the day’s iCal (Calendar in Mountain Lion) events on your desktop in an elegant chronological timeline. Though if you aren’t in the mood for spending money on an app like that, ICUfree is a free alternative now available on the Mac App Store. At the core, it does what Mindful does but in addition, it can display events up to 3 months in advance. The app gives you the choice to view events from your local, iCloud Google, or Yahoo! calendars, though at present, you can only view events from one type of calendar at a time. Currently happening events and those that are coming up are all distinguished from each other.

When you first launch the app, it asks you to choose calendars you would like to see the events for. If you want to change this in the future though, you will need to quit and launch the app again.

ICUfree choose

Once the calendar source has been selected, ICUfree will display your upcoming events in the top-left corner of your screen. The alarm clock next to an event shows that it is happening at the moment, while simple circles show events that are coming up. If you choose to view events from a source where you might have more than one calendar added, ICUfree will distinguish between the events by calendars as well. In the screenshot below, the orange circle is for the Work calendar event, while the blue one is for personal events. (These calendars are added by the user, and yours may differ in color and name).


If you would like to hide events from one of these calendars, go to the app’s Menu Bar icon and from its popup, uncheck the slection boxes next to the calendar you don’t want to see events from.

ICUfree calendars

The free version of ICUfree is quite functional but a few customization options are available only in its paid version, which will set you back by $0.99. With the free version, you can’t change the color of the text from the default white, which can be a major issue on light-colored wallpapers when it comes to visibility. If you can brave a darker wallpaper though, ICUfree is just the thing to replace Mindful.

Download ICUfree From Mac App Store

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  1. This thing is like a virus! I can’t get rid of it, and it’s no longer on line as far as I can tell! It’s certainly not in the App Store anymore and there is no support.

    It SUCKS in Mavericks and throws a THROTTLING RESPAWN every 10 seconds!

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