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MailWidget: View Number Of Unread Messages In Mail App On Dashboard [Mac]

If you were to name a few things you always want to keep on your screen, they would probably be the time, Wi-Fi status, Mail alerts and the Mayan Calendar so you always know how many days are left until the world ends. While users may add a lot more to this list, this is the bare bone of it. MailWidget is a Dashboard widget for Mac that puts the number of unread messages in Apple Mail on Dashboard. The widget lets you choose which account you would like to view unread messages from (supports only one), and how frequently it should check for new messages. While you will need to configure an email account with Apple Mail, you do not necessarily have to keep it running for the widget to work.

When you first install the widget, go to its settings and configure how frequently you want it to check for new messages from the first tab. You can set either a time interval by moving the slider or you can select the On showing Dashboard option, which will force the widget to check for new messages each time you switch to the Dashboard.

Visit the Growl tab on the setting to enable Growl alerts and then proceed to select an account. The widget will list all account that are associated with Apple Mail. Now, select the account and enter the password.

MailWidget account    MailWidget sign in

Once you’ve selected an account, click Done and wait for the widget to check for unread emails. The widget not only displays new messages, but also which account it is showing the messages for.

Each time you switch to the Dashboard, you will see the widget check for new email messages in the event that you enabled the option. Now all you need for your Dashboard is the Mayan calendar, any suggestions?

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