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View Track & Artist Notification On iTunes Dock Icon In Mac [Tip]

You would have undoubtedly come across a lot of apps that allow you to control iTunes from the Menu bar, and we’ve certainly covered our fair share of them. What most of these apps have in common, is that the ones displaying the song & artist name on the menu bar either do so as ticker, or take up a lot of space on the bar itself. As far as seeing the which song is playing goes, this simple tip lets you view the name of the song and the artist on the iTunes Dock icon. Somewhat similar to viewing the number of unread messages on the Mail icon, this little tweak will show a small popup whenever the song changes, and splash the name of the one that is currently playing.

If you have iTunes running, exit it and run the following commands in Terminal.

defaults write com.apple.dock itunes-notifications -bool TRUE

defaults write com.apple.dock notification-always-show-image -bool TRUE

killall Dock

The first of these three commands pops up the song & artist name, the second one adds the iTunes icon to the notification. You can skip the second one if you like.

itunes terminal command

Once done, launch iTunes and play a song. You will see the track’s name appear in a notification just about the iTunes icon in the Dock.

itunes song & artist

To reverse this, simply run the following commands in Terminal after quitting iTunes;

defaults delete com.apple.dock itunes-notifications

defaults delete com.apple.dock notification-always-show-image

killall Dock

The commands are rather simple, and with hardly any effort, you can use the Dock as an alternative for iTunes notifications.

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  • EraqEE

    Does not work in Snow Leopard

  • Is it just me or the commands written are not getting displayed properly on the site. The boxes overlap.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

  • leo

    Does not work on Show Leopard 10.6.8, too.