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Visual Grub: Access Instagram Photos & Feed From Your Desktop [Mac]

Instagram is a great service, but there still doesn’t exist a way for you to access the hordes of images on Instagram unless you have an iPhone, and this holds true whether you use Windows or Mac. The lack of an iPhone pretty much means Instagram’s doors are closed on you, unless you use a third-party service to access it. However, if you do have an iPhone, and use the service frequently, not being able to access it on your Mac is downright unfair. Visual Grub is a Mac app that allows you to sign in to your Instagram account, access your feeds, view photos and follow new people, right from your desktop.

To use this app, you must have an Instagram account (implying that you must have an iPhone, too). The app is intended only for accessing an existing account, and not for side-stepping the service. When you sign in with the app, it will ask you for permission to access images and feeds in your account.

Visual Grub Permissios

Once you’ve granted the app permissions, give it a little time to load images. The time will depend on the speed of your connection and how many images you have in your account. The app’s interface is simple; four buttons on the left allow you to view your feed (people who you’ve subscribed to), your likes (images that you’ve liked), popular images and all photos in your account.

visual grab

You can scroll through the images and use the knob on the slider at the bottom right corner to increase or decrease the image size. If you resize the app window, the image size will increase and decrease accordingly. To view an image, double click it, and it will open in the app’s viewer.  You can ‘like’ an image and view comments posted on it. Additionally, you can follow whoever uploaded the photo.

visual grub image viewer

As far as free Mac apps go, this one is fairly good, considering you only need it to access a service that is free itself on an iPhone. What is lacking is the ability to search Instagram by tag or by users, and is possibly the only thing holding it back.

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