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Walletx: Feature-Rich Password Manager With Encrypted Dropbox Sync Support [Mac]

From a security perspective, Macs haven’t been having a great time lately. Just last month, the Flash Trojan had many people scanning their systems for a possible infection, and now the news of the password exposing bug in OS X 10.7.3 is going to leave you wondering how secure your login credentials are. Undoubtedly, Apple will have a fix for this, just like with the Trojan. In the event that you’ve been unaffected by either of these incidents, it’s time to count your lucky stars and at the same time, perhaps consider putting your information behind an extra layer of protection. Walletx is a free Mac app that lets you store your important information, like login IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, insurance information, home address, banking information, contact numbers, emergency numbers, and more. The app allows you to create several separate databases (or profiles), and save items to them. This is helpful when you want to keep your work and personal information in the same place, but avoid mixing them up, or just make it easier to retrieve later. The app additionally allows you to sync data to Dropbox, so that it is available across different Macs. Walletx saves information in its own format, and the data saved to Dropbox is password protected.

Launch the app and from the File menu and add a new database. Name it anything that will help you remember what kind of information is saved in that particular vault. You will be asked to enter a password for accessing the database. Once past that, click the plus button at the top left, and a panel will slide out with options for the type of information you can add to your database. Select any one of them and then add the credentials. By default, password fields are hidden; however, if you click the eye button next to such a field, it will reveal the password or hidden information in plain format. A small Copy button next to each field allows you to quickly copy the information to the clipboard.

Walletx add item

After adding the information to a database, you can now sync it to Dropbox by clicking the Dropbox Sync button at the top right. The app will first need permission to access your account, and you will be taken to the web interface of Dropbox (in your default browser), where you have to allow access for Walletx. Once you’re done with that, the app will ask for a password to protect your data stored in Dropbox.

Walletx dropbox sync

To change the password for a database, go to Tools > Change Password. This will change the password for the database and not for Dropbox. There doesn’t seem to be a away of editing that password; however, you can quickly disconnect the app by going to Tools > Clear Dropbox Keys, and then delete the file from your Dropbox folder. The app uses AES encryption standard to keep your information safe.

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