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What’s New In iTunes 9?

Today Steve Job, CEO of Apple announced iTunes 9 during the Rock and Roll event. He also mentioned some new features that you can expect in the next version of iTunes. We have highlighted these features below.

Genius Mixes

Remember the Genius Playlists which you can create easily in iTunes and iPhone/iPod Touch, it turns out it has become a lot smarter now. What Genius Mixes does is mix all your favorite songs and play them endlessly just like a radio station does.

Smarter Syncing

At the moment if you want to sync music with your device using iTunes, it allows you to select the playlist. But now you can even sync everything by an artist or a category. Suppose that you want to sync music of only Metallica or Rock music, this will be possible in iTunes 9.

Same goes with Photos, you can now sync albums with events. Same goes with movies.

iTunes App Management

iTunes 9 will support app management, which means now you can better manage your apps in iTunes. It allows users to arrange the home screen and move the apps, once done the changes will be applied to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Home Sharing

You will be able to copy all your content with up to 5 computers in your computer. You will see all computers over the network in iTunes and you will also be able to see their contents(if iTunes is running on all computers). A simple drag & drop from one library to another is all that is required.

Note that you will have to set up Home Sharing on all computers by using the same iTunes login for all computers.

Redesigned Store

The redesigned store is much more cleaner, it contains new artist and movie pages as well.

iTunes LP

If you bought a CD Album, you will remember that how great were LPs. There were music, photography, liner notes, essays, and all sort of contents. But the downside was that they used to be left behind in the CD and were not transferred to the iTunes. In iTunes 9 you can get LPs back.

These are only a bunch of features that Steve Jobs announced on stage during the Apple Rock & Roll Event, expect more features to be announced in coming days. Enjoy!

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