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Winc: Create Notecards & Sync Them Over Wi-Fi With iOS Device [Mac]

Scribbling down little notes in the form of cards has been a long standing practice that helps you remember the gist of anything you’re trying to learn, particularly if you’re cramming one night before an exam of any sort. Of course, with information being available online, it takes time to either print it out or write it down on a card. You can save the information on your system, but not being able to take it with you everywhere kills the purpose. Winc is a Mac app that lets you create notecards, supporting text and images, and can be synced with iOS device over Wi-Fi or via the app’s online service.

Install the app, and get started with your first set of cards. Cards are sorted into Sets, and sets are, in turn, sorted into Groups. To add a new set, go to the File menu and either select New Set, New Group or New Card. Alternatively, you can click the New Card button at the bottom of the window to add a card, and use the cog wheel menu to add sets and groups.

Winc card

Each card has two sides, the front and the back, and you can choose what kind of content (i.e., text or image) you want to add to a side. Use the Text and Image buttons at the bottom left just below the card view to switch between the kind of content you are adding. Use the Front and Back buttons to change which side of the card you are writing on. Text can be typed in or pasted from the clipboard. To add an image, drag & drop it onto the card (you must select the Image button first).


There are one of two ways of sharing a card set, either over Wi-Fi, or via the app’s service, which requires you create an account first. To share a set or group over Wi-Fi, select it, and click Announce Sets on the top. Click Stop Sharing when you are done. From the right hand panel, you can change the font, or choose to lock the cards, which prevents others from editing them, but allow sharing. Tags can be added to help organize the cards.

On your iOS device, install the app and go through it’s brief tutorial to see how it works. To connect and download shared card sets, click the Transfer button and select Download. The app will scan your network for sets shared via the app.

Winc connect

Select your system when it appears, and the app will list all sets that have been shared. Select a set and click Download. To check for changes, return to this screen and click Refresh. The app will notify you if a set has been modified. To create a set on your iOS device, click Edit on the app’s home screen, and create or edit the cards you have.

Winc add card

The app is one easy way of sharing notes with multiple people (provided they have an iOS device). The notes are saved to your device and can be accessed any time.  Cards can be printed, and printing preferences can be set from within the app’s preferences, as can the default font and card quality.

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