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Windows Phone 7 Connector: Browse And Backup Files & Sync iTunes [Mac]

Microsoft and Apple are, quite literally, two worlds apart, as are their respective mobile devices, but should necessity ever call on you to get them together in one room (i.e., on one system), it is more than likely that several Steve Jobs & Bill Gates memes will cross your mind. If you’re a Mac user, and need to connect a Windows Phone 7 to your system to be ale to browse and sync files with it, you’ll find Windows Phone 7 Connector very useful. This Mac app, while invoking memories of the All Things Digital conference held in 2007, allows you to browse your Windows Phone 7 on a Mac, sync files to your system, and copy or delete them from your phone. The app supports two way sync, so you can sync your music, podcasts, images and other files from iTunes to your phone, and vice versa. You must have iPhoto installed on your Mac for syncing to work perfectly.

Launch the app and connect your phone, and the device will be automatically detected. The app displays available free space, and also tells you how memory usage is currently distributed between your files. Click Sync to read files from your phone.

windows phone 7 connector

You can selectively sync files from your Mac to your phone, and also view files on your phone. Before you sync, click Device Options once your phone has been detected, and select how you want the app to sync your phone each time it is connected. If you want to import photos and videos from the device, select the Import photos and videos from my device to my Mac option. You can also backup and restore files saved on your phone under  Device Update options. Click Create backup to initiate the backup procedure. Your phone will restart during the process.

windows phone connector syncing

To sync files from your Mac to the phone, select them from the expandable list to the left. All files in your phone will be listed using Browse Device. Select a file and click Preview to view it, and you may select multiple files and click Import Selected Items to copy them to your system.

windows phone connector browse

To sync media files from iTunes to your Windows Phone 7 device, select Music from the left panel and select what you want to sync from iTunes. Follow suit for everything else you want to sync from your Mac to your phone.

Windows Phone 7 Connector itunes

The app is a simple way for you to quickly connect a Windows Phone to your Mac and browse files on it, and is an even more convenient way of syncing iTunes.

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