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YouTube Client That Doesn’t Require Flash Player [Mac]

YouTube is arguably the most popular website today. All it requires is a Flash Player and that’s about it! Now, imagine you want to see a clip on YouTube that everyone’s is talking about but are unable to watch because Flash Player installed on your system has refused to play the media!

Minitube is a little tool that plays YouTube videos without Flash Player being even installed! There are situations where you can’t get the Flash working or just like a Flash-free viewing experience, and that is where Minitube comes in handy. It is a full-fledged desktop client that searches and plays YouTube videos, in ordinary as well as HD formats in a sleek interface.


Upon first launch, you see a search field on top right side. You get the list of results on the left sidebar, and a video window on the right. You can toggle HD viewing on and off, switch to full-screen mode for longer clips, and scan through the video. You can open an actual YouTube page as well. When you enter a text for search, it returns the whole video stream matching those keywords and it keeps on adding more results unless you hit the “Stop” button!

The concept for developing this tool was to provide a platform for viewing YouTube videos outside the browser & without Flash. It adds the portability for users and somehow provides a TV experience. The only apparent limitation is since it’s a YouTube client, it only gets you the video clips hosted on YouTube.

Minitube works fine on Mac and Linux. The Windows version will be out soon.

Download Minitube


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