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Zipeg Is A Handy Archive Extractor [Mac]

Being a Mac buff, you must have enjoyed it’s vigorous functionality of archive decompression, but perhaps also be familiar with two shortcomings. First it does not support all archive formats, second if you want to extract only specified files from the archive, it wouldn’t let you do that. Zipeg has been developed to overcome these problems and also add speed to extraction.

It is a free decompression tool which supports a wide verity of archive formats including .zip, .7z, .rar, .bz2, .gz, .tgz, .tar, .arj, .lzh, .z, .cab, .chm, .cpio, .war, .cbr, and last but not least .cbz . It extracts / decompresses these archive formats and also allows you to view and open the inside files. You can specify selected files from the archive and can extract / decompress them. One other smarter feature of Zipeg is that it can automatically extract the remaining parts of the multiple archives, if they are located in the same location. It is a smart and elegant way of decompressing the archives.

When you run it first time, it will ask you to select archive formats which you want to associate with it.


From the main interface you can open any archive format by clicking on “Open” button. It displays all the files inside the archive without extracting it. You can watch preview of any specific file by hovering the mouse over it. You can easily extract files at your selected location by specifying the location in the field in front of “Extract to” label on Zipeg interface.

In a nutshell, Zipeg is a tool which lets you preview and extract almost any sort of compressed archive.

Testing was done using Mac OS X Version 10.6.4 .

Download Zipeg


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