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QMediaInfo: Get File Attribute Information For Media Files In Ubuntu

Normally, when one requires finding information about media or any other file, it can be done by accessing file properties via right-click context menu. However, in order to obtain advanced information about a file, such as codec information, tag data, bit rate, sampling rate, channel(s) etc, then one requires the use of third-party applications. QMediaInfo is one such application that parses media files. It provides information about more than 40 different attributes of a selected (media) file, right down to the files’ track name, genre, duration, codec, file extension and much more.

QMediaInfo is a QT based application, and has versions for Windows and Linux. You can install QMediaInfo in Ubuntu from the PPA given below.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:razrfalcon/qmediainfo

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:shiki/mediainfo

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install qmediainfo

Once installed, you can open any file with QMediaInfo via right-click context menu. In case QMediaInfo does not appear in the context menu, select Open With other Application and select QMediaInfo from the list of installed applications.


By default, QMediaInfo does not display all attributes of a file. To add/remove attributes to view in QMediaInfo, click the cog icon. Here, click Add and select attributes to view for selected files. The available options include, track name, album, track name/position, file size, folder name, codec, writing library, count, kind of stream, duration, performer, recorded date, format version, format profile, comment, codec profile, bit rate, bit rate mode, channel(s) and more. You can also enable full info mode and word wrap for plain text view.


Once you have configured your settings, all selected file attributes will be available from the main window of QMediaInfo (click question mark icon).

QMedia Info

You can download QMediaInfo for Windows and Linux from the link given below.

Download QMediaInfo

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