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How To Check If Your Internet Connection Is Fast Enough For Gaming & Netflix

If you have to download a very large file the best way to do it is to let it happen overnight. Not only will you get maximum speed because everyone is asleep, but also you won’t have to stop everything you’re doing just to get the download to finish faster. The same trick obviously can’t be used when you want to play a game or watch Netflix. Not only do you need more than just a reasonably high download speed to play games smoothly but you also need low latency. A lot of online internet speed testing services check the latency of your internet connection in addition to its upload and download speed but SourceForge has a new internet speed checking tool that makes sense out of those figures and tells you if your connection is suitable for gaming and watching Netlix, Hulu, or streaming live to Twitch.

Visit the link at the bottom, make sure no one is using your internet connection and that you yourself don’t have an upload or download in progress, and click Test Now. The test takes a few minutes to complete.

Internet Speed Test sourceforge

Once the test is complete, you can view the results for each test that was conducted. Hover over the question mark next to a test to find out what a good or bad reading is or, just scroll further down and check out the ‘Services supported’ and ‘Services not recommended’ tabs. The ‘Services not recommended’ tab will tell you if your connection is good enough to watch Netflix or play games.

Internet Speed Test

We should mention that the results might differ from time to time if your connection is particularly flaky. If you suspect the connection works better at certain times of the day compared to others, you might want to test it during that time as well. We suspect that it’s only the Download and Upload speeds that might improve and latency and packet loss might remain more or less the same but it’s worth a shot.

Visit Source Forge Internet Speed Test Tool

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